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Attachment flanges

Our attachment flanges are made of stainless steel, PE 1001 and PE 1002 are designed to hold two parallel pipes, dimensions may vary from 1.70 to 4 inches. They can be attached directly to a pipe on a bracket; 90 degree turn or can simply be used as wall mounts.

The attachment flanges are made for heavy duty construction and are made entirely of stainless steel. After several years, galvanized steel leaves traces of rust due to corrosion.


Stainless steel prevent this corrosion. By eliminating corrosion, it reduces the probability of the detection of electromagnetic fields that generate intermodulation interference.

Power divider

DV2-150-XXXX: 136-174MHz

DV2-400-XXXX: 400-450MHz

DV2-450-XXXX: 450-470MHz

DV2-800-XXXX: 800-900MHz

DV2-900-XXXX: 860-980MHz

Ex.: XXXX: 6040: 60%-40% .

Designed specifically for sharing signals in buildings. Can be designed according to your settings.

Noise filter

Designed to remove electrical noise caused by the vehicle's alternator. It is completely sealed and is not to be used on boats. It is used to filter the 12 volt power supply in the public radio bus.

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