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Radiocommunication sites

Our goal is to optimize your sites. We analyze filter systems, wiring, antennas status, protection against lightning, earthing, performance radios etc..


After the analysis, we proceed to complete with the proper readjustments of all filtering systems site.



We reduce or add insulation for optimal performance while meeting the with the INDUSTRY CANADA criteria. If the system changes requested revisions licenses from INDUSTRY CANADA, we take care to produce all requests and obtain approvals.


We also establish a method of preventive checking of the status of your repeater, your transmitters, receivers, filter system and we will create a maintenance log that will allow us to establish a sampling performance of your systems.

Analysis of radio coverage

We offer you to verify the radiation performance of your communications systems. We proceed to the actual signal readings on the area to be covered with specific instruments and well calibrated antennas that do not distort the measurements. We analyze the propagation practices for choosing your future sites.

Research and Development

For more details on this topic, please contact us.


We provide theoretical and practical training on filtering systems and antennas. The training is based on relevant experience. Theoretical sessions are combined with practical tests using your tools.

- Calculation systems - Methods for testing your antennas - Methods to analyze the "SWR" bandwidth curves also vertical and horizontal radiation patterns  - The effects of insulators


*** This training is based on relevant experience ***

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